Ever wanted to hear the soundtrack of your life? Why can’t we just randomly break out into a song, to express our thoughts, with everyone else in the proximity breaking out into 4-part harmony and getting down in a breakdance? We actually can create this phenomenon, if we get involved in musical theater!

Musical theater – where the art of music and theater come together to create a stage, television, or film production that involves acting through song and dialogue. Music has been incorporated into staged theater even back to the time of the Ancient Greeks, and since then been incorporated in other theater genres, such as madrigals, ballad operas, operettas, and rock operas, to name only a few of the many. Musical theater is the most modern of these genres.

These fun and exciting performances have been produced professionally on Broadway, to being performed yearly in public schools as an extracurricular activity. Whether your dream is to be a professional or enjoy a hobby, Musical Theater Jam will give you practice in:

·         Learning new music, both solos and chorus parts

·         Memorizing lines in a script

·         Managing rehearsal time

·         Working with others singers, actors, and musicians


In the end, Musical Theater Jam will present a fully staged musical theater review, with a band, at Music Speaks recitals. A musical theater review is a compilation of songs from different musicals. An original script will be composed to tie the songs together, focusing on the review theme for that Musical Theater Jam session. Each participant will be assigned a role in the story, solos in songs, and a voice part for the chorus numbers. By the time musicians join in the rehearsals, singers/actors will be expected to know their parts from memory.

Dates: TBA

Ages: Children 10 through adult

Program Length: 12 Weeks

Cost: $300.00 per person